Shanekia Bing

About our Founder


Shanekia Bing aka Nekbing is empowering women and little girls to push past their fears and what people say, they cannot and will not do. She inspires them to push pass, self-doubt to become over-comers in their heart and mind first so they can achieve any dream or vision they may have. Although she has had many storms and obstacles, she has overcome them all. Shanekia has been purified and now she is  a force to be reckoned with. Through her struggles and faith in God, she has mastered every boundary that has been set in her way. There are endless possibilities in her future. She is confident, knowing that her vision unlocks the door not only for herself but for others to pursue their dreams as well. 

SheShe's Purpose

Encouraging and empowering women and children to spread love. By helping them feel good

on the inside and outside so that they can positively impact future generations,

as well as bridge the gap for solid family foundations.